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In a fast paced world, where innovations are thrown into the ecosystem, it is possible, that novel technologies in the banking and financial industry aren’t given their due, due to complex banking models and a million other reasons. With that focus, we launched the podcast series. With our goal being singular, (i.e. Making Things Simpler for You), we aim to make the banking industry truly spectacular for its bankers and its customers!

Recent Podcasts

Kindle Your Bank’s Strategy: Data Security vs CX

In a world of priorities, banks are trying to enhance their customer’s experience through digital principles and enhanced security features. With the presence of so much of data, there lie several challenges where the bank needs to ensure the maximum use of data, to better understand their customer. Listen to Sharon Kimathi, Editor & Thought Leader at Fintech Futures and Ashish Cherian talk on the balancing act that banks face in the current banking climate.

Stealing Agile, Becoming the Bank of the Future

Whichever way you see it, having an agile approach at your organisation or bank can only make your organisations, your projects deliver products, and services faster and at the same time, make people accountable within the organisation. Listen on to Ashish Cherian and Peter Horsten talk on the specifics of agile engineering and what banks need to focus on, in the latest episode of Future on a Platter.

Pedalling the Digital Movement at Banks

Digital Banking and transformation has been talked about in lengths over the past few years. However due to different socio-economic issues, digital transformation has been kept at bay in a few countries.Listen on as our host Ashish Cherian discusses on digital banking goals for 2019 and beyond with Alex Jimenez, a top influencer in the banking space and Vice President at Zions Bancorporation.

Get your Keys on Cloud 9 by Banking in Cloud

Join us as Jothi Lakshmi, a Principle Architect speaks with our host Ashish Cherian on the opportunity that banks have in migrating to cloud. While it is important to innovate and change, it is vital that one weighs the benefits versus the challenges as there are several risks that need to be mitigated with cloud adoption. All this and more awaits you in the 4th episode of Future on a Platter.

GDPR: Friend or Foe for Banks and AI?

Since 2018, data collection and usage for better services for your bank’s customer base has gotten tougher. Since your bank is under duress to provide high performance with limited data collection opportunities, listen to Erik Bennerhult, CEO at Naktergal talk with our host Ashish Cherian on what banks could do differently to provide customer data security and privacy with exceptional customer services.

How Fintechs can Ctrl+Alt+Fix the Banking Space

Banks and Fintechs aren’t on two sides of a coin. They’re basically two different groups telling the same thing in different languages. Varun Mittal, a founding member of the Singapore Fintech Association gives an idea on what the partnership between banks and Fintechs could behold in the next few years in this quick podcast.

Future on a Platter: Artificial Intelligence: The Zeus of Fintech

Anand Subramaniam, the AI/ML Practice Head at Aspire Systems feels that with AI/ML on the horizon for banks, it can be assured that these technologies will uncomplicate and rectify underlying issues at banks. If you aren’t sure where to start, or if you aren’t convinced about AI implementations, listen to what Anand has to say.

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Anand Subramaniam

Principal Architect

Aspire Systems


Ashish Ninan Cherian

BFS Research Analyst

Aspire Systems


Varun Mittal

Global Emerging Fintech Leader

Associate Director-EY


Erik Bennerhult

Chief Executive Officer



Jothi Lakshmi

Principal Architect

Aspire Systems


Alex Jimenez

Vice President

Zions Bancorporation


Sharon Kits Kimathi


FinTech Futures

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