SaaS Tech Strategies for your Fintech

17 November 2017      4.00pm-6.30pm     Venue: Sky Garden, MYP Centre, 9 Battery Road 049910

SaaS has become the defacto standard for consumption of software. SaaS Fintech companies are under constant pressure to innovate while cutting down time to market, but the architectural complexities of building a scalable SaaS software slows down the pace and consumes the innovation time. This workshop is aimed towards highlighting the technical complexities involved in building robust and scalable SaaS software for the financial services market.

Who Should Attend?

Fintechs considering SaaS, in the process of developing SaaS or offering SaaS that hasn’t reached its potential, including: Entrepreneurs, CXO’s, VP – Software Development, product managers and key executives in Fintech startups and software vendors moving to SaaS.

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